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The Shield Pump System has been specifically designed and developed for pumping water and particles at high pressures encountered in the hydraulic fracturing industry and the geothermal energy industry.

The patented and unique pump technology is incorporated as part of a complete well stimulation pump unit, Shield Pump System. It can be delivered on a trailer or skid, ready for operations.

The well-known fatigue issues and weak points in conventional pumps have been eliminated through the innovative system design. This has been achieved without introducing new ones.

No more sliding surfaces

The Shield Pump System design has solved the problem with mechanical sliding surfaces coming in contact with hydraulic fracturing proppants. The core technology of the pump system has been specifically designed for pumping water and particles (proppants). This is the main reason why the Shield Pump System outperforms conventional stimulation pump systems.

No more fluid end fatigue issues

FEM-analysis and rigorous fatigue tests have been extensively used in the design of the Shield Pump System to ensure a long operational life for all the components undergoing stress from cyclic pressures. Compared to conventional systems, this pump system utilizes a large stroke volume which reduces the total number of cycles (10 cycles/min). The accompanying control system also removes the hammering effect. Combined, these features will significantly increase the operational lifetime of the pump system.

No more packers

The problem with packers coming in contact with hydraulic fracturing proppants has been eliminated in the Shield Pump System.

Improved operational liftime for check valves

Due to a larger volume per stroke, the Shield Pump System has reduced the number of check valve seatings. The reciprocating motion is also slower. In addition, the hammering effect has been eliminated by the pump control system. The valves will therefore have a soft seating which will prolong their operational life even more.

No more plunger changes between jobs.

The Shield Pump System can be used from 0 to 14,500 psi (0-1,000 bar) and 0 to 7,5 bbl (0-1200 l/min) without the need to change plungers or other components. This makes the pump system 100% variable from zero to max flow and pressure.

No more costly and complex transmission repairs

The clutchless transmission technology utilized in the Shield pump system does not require costly rebuilds or services. It is simple, strong and designed to last.

Instant power gives full flexibility

The driveline of the Shield Pump System delivers instant torque. For this reason, the system can go online with immediate full pressure and flow, whenever an operational need arises. This will reduce the number of pumps running at any one time, giving the operators full flexibility throughout the operation.

Power source

Operators are free to choose between diesel (with or without gas blend) or electric drive to be delivered with the Shield Pump System. The pump system remains the same.

High Performance:

Due to the unconventional and highly efficient driveline and the advanced control system, the Shield Pump System is able to utilize the full potential of the engine. When it comes to delivering a high amount of hydraulic horsepower per unit, the pump and transmission will no longer be the limiting factor.

Control system and Hydraulics

The Shield Pump System has a vital software program which interacts with all parts of the system.

The design of the hydraulic driveline of the system has been based on experiences gathered from North Sea and subsea operations in order to create an efficient and low maintenance system. 
The load variations on the motor and other critical components have been smoothened to ensures a long operational lifetime and cost effective operations.

Shield is a highly automated pump system and can interact with signals from sensors. Safety barriers can be added to the pump program and the pump system will run accordingly.

The software is based on Siemens hardware and together with the hydraulics it will enable the pump system to operate in a way which enhance the benefits highlighted above.

The Shield Pump System can be delivered with a top level control and monitoring system. The top level system centralizes the control and monitoring of all pump systems in one spread. The interaction between the pump systems includes functions to make the overall output even smoother.