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RSM Imagineering is an international multidisciplinary design company and supplier, focused on equipment and solutions for the oil & gas and geothermal energy industry

The Norwegian North Sea oil and gas industry has, since its start in 1969, developed world leading solutions in the fields of drilling and exploration and has become an important region for technological innovations and developments geared towards a wide international arena.

The RSM Imagineering staff has many years of experience from the rough waters of the North Sea, and the company has established itself as a leading technology provider of products and systems where the focus is on increased efficiency and reliability. The company’s wide and deep technical know-how in the fields of mechanical design, structural design, advanced materials, control and electronic systems, puts RSM Imagineering in a special position when it comes to the implementation of new technology in the existing industry. 

The RSM Imagineering mission is to improve operational efficiency through leading research and development and by delivering high performance solutions. RSM continues to invest in the development of innovative products for our customers.

RSM Imagineering manufactures complete stimulation units of Shield Pump Systems for the hydraulic fracturing industry and the geothermal energy industry . The system includes the unique pump technology, auxiliary systems, power systems, control software and HMI, all assembled on trailers or skids.