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Shield Pump System will be a game changer for the well stimulation industry, reducing equipment, crew in operations, downtime, service and maintenance cost.

The novel and patented system will set the new benchmark in high performance and cost reduction, and will help the industry save billions of USD annually.

The Shield Pump System is designed and built specifically for the well stimulation industry. Operators will benefit from its long service interval, increased durability and strength.

The Shield Pump System will help to optimize the well stimulation process, using less energy to create the energy for tomorrow. 

A sustainable pump system like this will for sure also find other industries that will benefit from the historic operations in the oil & gas and geothermal energy industries.

Reduce Equipment

The efficiency and reliability of the Shield Pump System enables you to reduce the equipment  per spread by 40%.

Reduce Crew

The size of the assigned crew in operational rotation can be reduced by 45% with implemantaion of the Shield Pump System.

Reduce Service and Maintenance cost

The high quality and durability of the Shield Pump System will reduce the annual service and maintenance cost on equipment by 60%.